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6 Ampoule Breakers
6 Ampoule
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HCG Amp Breakers - HCG Amp Crackers - HCG Ampoule Openers

Following the HCG weight loss protocol by Dr Simeons requires preparing your own mixture of HCG. Besides the HCG itself and an HCG mixing kit, you're going to want to stock up on HCG Ampoule Breakers. You'll use HCG ampoule breakers to help prepare the products you will be using. We offer a high quality selection of HCG Ampoule Breakers, so stock up on what you need! HCG is NOT included.

These plastic ampoule breakers are used for opening the HCG Ampoules. The Ampoule is inserted into the plastic breaker to easily snap open the Ampoule without danger of cutting yourself on the glass ampoule as it breaks. Don't forget to order an HCG Mixing Kit, HCG Vials, Bacteriostatic Water, HCG Syringes, or HCG Needles., LLC has everything you need to succeed at Dr Simeons HCG Diet Protocol!

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  • HCG NOT Included

  • HCG NOT Included

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