HCGSupplies.com Customer Reviews, Comments, and Testimonials

Customer Reviews Comments and Testimonials
Customer Reviews
Comments and Testimonials
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Customer Reviews, Comments, and Testimonials

Higher Standards:

Here are some of the wonderful comments, reviews, and testimonials that we have received at HCGSupplies.com from our loyal customers over the years, since we began in 2007. There have been MANY more kind, grateful, and appreciate comments that aren't listed here. We read all of them. Thank you for the amazing reviews, comments, and encouragement. Our wonderful customers are what make this all worthwhile.

If you ever have an issue with your order, please contact us immediately. We offer 5-Star customer service. Rest assured that we will do our very best to make it right for you. That is our promise! We want you to be completely satisfied and pleased with your products and our service.

We care about all of our customers. Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

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HCGSupplies.com Customer Comments and Reviews:

"Thank you so much!" Michael from California

"I have been shopping with you for over 10 years and I just want to say thank you for your great customer service, reliable quality products and quick shipping." Patricia from Delaware

"Just a thank you note! I have been ordering from you guys since 2021. Great service, items always in stock!" T from New York

"Thank you for your available items I always found on your web page. Great customer service!" Mauricio from California

"Hello! Thanks again for the phone call and email. I received my items a day early! Thanks for the great customer service!" Shannon from Georgia

"I appreciate your time and wonderful customer service." Karen from Arizona

"Thank you so much for your quick processing of my order. I appreciate your efforts and the notification confirming the shipping. I have always been pleased with your company's great attention to customer service and responsiveness." Ilene from Oregon

"Thank you so much for making this safe and easy! You are appreciated." Douglas from California

"I appreciate your wonderful and responsive customer service" Ken from Florida

"As always, they have done an excellent job of providing the products that I ordered." Barbara from Alabama

"Fast as always!!! Thank you." Dave from Washington

"I was a little skeptical at first when I ordered, but wow, great product and awesome speedy delivery. Will definitely be back again for more items...Thank you again for the great price and service." James from Tennessee

"Thank you very much for your thorough, detailed website. It was very helpful! " David from California

"Have ordered several times and always good service. Thanks." Randy from Colorado

"So great to find all my HCG supplies in one place at a fair price. I used to need to buy from 3 different sites. Thanks a lot" Janice from Texas

"Great customer service when I called. Very friendly women. Thank you." Joshua from Illinois

"Great prices, thank you!" Howard from Tennessee

"Thanks for always being there!" Sheri from North Carolina

"Great price and availability. Thank you!" Greg from Ohio

"No matter how little or how much I order from you, I always enjoy your little smiley's or notes on the invoice! That's the hometown touch that Bill Gates, et al will never get!" Lynn-Ann from Arizona

"Thank you so much! I really appreciate your great customer service!" Aimee from California

"I received my supplies today. Thank you for being so quick and efficient!!" Wendy from California

"Price was good, shipping fast, and they had everything I needed!" Jarod from Ohio

"Always great and have what I need!!" Jessica from California

"Appreciate your hard work!" Nate from Colorado

"Prompt and professional. Thank you again. Your new customer." Chris from Nevada

"Thank you guys so much for the products and simple, easy checkout process. Very impressed!" Brendan from Massachusetts

"The shipping was so quick. Amazing service as always." Shannon from Texas

"It was a positive experience. I placed two orders. I had a lot of questions, and each one was answered. I will be placing another order soon." Linda from New York

"They are helpful with every question and excellent customer service. I've been on every diet possible and HCG is the BEST!!!! There is NO such thing as a dumb question and they are top shelf when it comes to customer service - they make you feel like they want you to accomplish your goals and give you the support to accomplish them." Rita from Iowa

"Quite simply a perfect buying experience. No surprises, everything was just as advertised. Would definitely recommend." Michael from Michigan

"As always, the friendly girl on the phone has done an excellent job of providing the products that I ordered." Barbara from Alabama

"Customer service is wonderful. I've had so many question and they answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable with the HCG." Linda from New Mexico

"Very pleased." Casey from Georgia

"I had the best experience with HCG Supplies, and have already referred my friends, and family to the site. The Customer Service is Excellent!" Ebony from New Jersey

"We have used y'all multiple times, fast shipping, quality products....who could ask for more?" James from Texas

"I can't say enough about the girl who answered the phone. What a great person." Carol from Michigan

"Excellent! Thanks!" June from Virginia

"I love ordering from this company. They are fast." Shannon from Arizona

"Great company" Barbara from Mississippi

"Order process was quick and easy, even came in a day before scheduled..." Anton from Texas

"Fast service and the product was as specified. Thanks!" Athena from New York

"Best customer service. Shipped immediately and the representative has been most helpful in her explanations." Terri from Florida

"I was very satisfied with the service that I received from HCG Supplies. Thank you once again for great service." Robert from Florida

"Customer support was excellent, delivery time was excellent, and the price was excellent. I will be constant with my ordering. GOOD JOB KEEP IT UP!" Carlyle from Florida

"If I need additional supplies I would use this vendor again and would recommend them to a friend." Mary from North Carolina

"Very Pleased, excellent communication, excellent customer service, fast shipping, goods arrived in perfect condition, would highly recommend HCG Supplies!" Gail from Florida

"This was one of the most pleasant dealers I have ever worked with. She took time to explain everything, is very professional and I am a repeat customer." Terri from Louisiana

"Always excellent supplies and service!!" Lisa from Michigan

"The best service I've ever received from an online business." Melissa from California

"The blinking square on the left side makes me nauseous and I wish they would please turn that off. Other than that, good price and prompt delivery."[We took it down. Thank you for the suggestion.] Mary from Texas

"HCG Supplies was good to work with. The USPS did not keep an update of my shipment, but when I inquired through HCG Supplies, they quickly responded. I have not used the product yet, but the company, so far, seems good. Thanks!" Carole from South Carolina

"Great experience overall. Fast shipping. Will order again." Barbara from Maryland

"Great service! I will order again from HCG supplies." Rosamaria from Texas

"Excellent! I'll be shopping here from now on. I saved a BOATLOAD of cash :)" Jason from New Jersey

"This was my second time ordering from HCG Supplies. The first time was via telephone, with excellent and friendly customer service. Second order was via website." Stacie from Wisconsin

"fast and accurate" Leigh from Oregon

"excellent customer service and super fast delivery! highly recommended" Sabrina from Minnesota

"Excellent Site, thank you." Sherlene from Kansas

"Ordering was quick and easy - I actually was able to receive my order the next day!" Michael from Arizona

"I called twice and both times had the same gal. She was very helpful and placed the order immediately. Customer service is very good and the product was delivered in three days." Dean from Pennsylvania

"Good people to deal with. Very helpful. Will continue to shop here. Thanks" Jim from New York

"Maybe a better rate for multiple products??" [We used your suggestion. Thank you.] Stephene from Colorado

"Thanks - it was so easy to get what I needed and on time even though there was a holiday weekend ahead." Pamela from Nebraska

"Things came fast and exactly what I ordered." Robert from Pennsylvania

"I bought the mixing supplies from HCG Supplies and they were great." Judy from Nevada

"HCGSupplies is the best ever! They helped me so much to get started when I didn't know what to do. I was overwhelmed, and they made it seem so easy. HCG is like a miracle for me!" Beki from Texas

"Received items as ordered and quicker than expected." Holly from Arizona

"This is my first order. So far so good thanks." Madeline from Colorado

"The service was great. It was everything I expected. It was easy to use and great service. Thanks." Melinda from Oklahoma

"The young lady who helped me was very helpful. She was very genuine. The information she gave me was great." Linda from Texas

"This merchant was very good in all areas." Gail from Texas

"Customer service was terrific. They responded to my email questions and my phone calls quickly with all the helpful information I needed." Jill from Illinois

"Excellent customer service, wonderful help and advice from the site. More than a person might expect from an online store. I have ordered three times from here and have always been pleased with every aspect of their business practices." Judith from Nevada

"I was pleasantly surprised when my products arrived 3 days after ordering. I am very pleased and will order again." Baron from Colorado

"very good price, excellent products, very fast service" Carolyn from California

"HCGSupplies' customer service is the best anywhere. Their supplies are quality and fit best for Dr. Simeons' protocol. Other sites just do not compare to HCGSupplies.com!" Donna from Arizona

"Ordered before. They will be my only HCG supply store I order from. Excellent service. Even ordered over the phone when I couldn't get to the internet. LOOOOOOVE this store! Best ever!" Reyna from Texas

"Awesome service, fast shipping. Never had any problems." Michael from Tennessee

"easy to use site quick shipping for a great product" Lisa from Ohio

"Very good" Denise from Idaho

"Excellent! Permanent customer" Reyna from Texas

"Excellent company! When I needed help they continued to email me and support me every step of the way. Thank you! A bit of advice for anyone buying HCG Supplies, read the info for mixing and preparing first. HCG Supplies saved me money and explained everything. I'm hooked and will NEVER buy elsewhere!" Kristi from California


"More than helpful customer service!!" Rosetta from Michigan

"received in less than 7 days" Marissa from Arizona

"I was very pleased with the swiftness of delivery and web page layout. Products are as promised and of highest quality. I will be a return customer!" Sheri from Arizona

"We received excellent customer service. They were willing to go above and beyond for us. Shipping was very fast. Great company!" Amy from Idaho

"This was an excellent purchase. My order arrived in just a few days and was packaged very neatly. Thank you so much!" Felicia from Michigan

"I will buy again! :)" Tammi from Minnesota

"Fast and dependable. Quality merchandise." Louis from North Carolina

"Fabulous outfit...would not want to shop anywhere else. Thanks!" Danelle from Washington

"All merchandise I received was optimal, very good quality, was very carefully packaged and matched with my order. Personally, I am very satisfied over all the order process: finding the product, placing my order, e-confirmations and excellent delivery. Thanks for your high level of customer service." Mauricio from California

"got supplies very fast" Phyllis from Texas

"The order came quickly and as promised." Nathan from Colorado

"I received my product as described and in a timely manner. I would shop with HCG Supplies again. Sincerely, Tami" Tami from Minnesota

"I've had a great experience with this company! My order came VERY quickly by Priority Mail shipping. I had a customer service question and left a message for them. They called back right away and answered my questions completely. They even spent extra time encouraging me in my weight-loss goals. I highly recommend this company! They actually have a heart to see people succeed. They aren't just there to make money off of their clients." Sandra from Virginia

"I have ordered from them four times. Each time they have responded quickly and without error. Because they have had such perfect response, I have not had to use their customer service. Thank you for your excellent service" Sandy from Oregon

"I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of arrival of the items I purchased. Packaging was great--nothing was broken and would've taken a lot to become broken. I shopped around and found the pricing here was great too!" Laura from Oklahoma

"Ordered Wednesday, arrived Saturday. AWESOME!" Peter from New York

"I'm very satisfied and will buy again." Antonio from Florida

"It's a rare time that you can rate a merchant with all 5's but I have had Excellent service from HCG Supplies. The customer service is outstanding ... how wonderful is that! I will continue to use HCG Supplies whenever I need any products. Thank you for your hard work and dedication" Jeanie from Texas

"quick ship, will definitely buy again" Melanie from Michigan

"This company is awesome. The price was the best I could find and it got here really fast." Nancy from California

"Would love faster shipping options to U.S." [We ship via the US Postal Service. We offer optional upgraded shipping to Express Mail. That's as fast as it gets. And we almost always get it in the mail the same day you order.] Ruth from Illinois

"Excellent service with same day shipping" Diana from Louisiana

"Should have a phone number so you can talk to a real live person not just e-mail" [The phone number is at the top left of every page. We may be the only site offering HCG supplies that actually has a phone number.] Daniel from Ohio

"I haven't been this satisfied with online ordering in a long time!" Raymond from Florida

Comments about the HCG Protocol received by HCGSupplies.com:

Rick: I believe that I will successfully keep the weight off.

Michelle: Tested my willpower, but it worked!

Doreen: HCG worked great and is truly a miracle. I am recommending your products to all my friends.

Kathy: I have lost about 25 pounds without aggravation.

Eileen: The weight came off in all of the right places.

Vicky: I've lost weight. It's been great.

Linda: I feel satisfied (hungry sometimes). I do not feel tired or lethargic.

Lynne: If the diet is followed properly, weight loss is fast and effective. The food is nutritious but, after a couple of months of redundancy, the choices can get old.

Amber: For the first time in a long time I have lost inches.

Barbara: This was the best diet I have ever done. The results are amazing. I lost so many inches. People that know me have stopped me to say how great I look now. I feel great!

Brett: I am 100% satisfied with the HCG protocol. If you are committed to achieving your goal weight and you strictly follow the protocol guidelines, it will deliver results.

Anne: The HCG protocol, for me, has been very effective for weight loss. When you follow the diet you can lose the weight quickly. I do feel that the food choices are limited.

Arial: My energy levels have increased tremendously within the first couple of weeks. This is the first diet I've ever done that actually makes me feel strong. You can actually see and feel it working.

Mary: I like this so much. It's the only weight loss plan that ever worked for me. What is great is the fact that my blood pressure and blood sugar went down to normal levels immediately! (this has happened for MANY of our customers)

Marlene: I love it. It burned fat in all the right places! I have never felt better! My friends are all successful too.

Kelly: HCG was the one answer I was looking for. I had no negative side effects. I have kept the weight off for over 8 months now. I had tried every diet known to man, but HCG was the only thing that worked.

Jessie: I ate real foods, not packaged and processed stuff. And I lost the weight quickly. I am very happy and impressed with the results from the HCG diet.

Missy: I recommended this program to my friends and family.

Eddie: This is the best diet program ever! I have had amazing results.

Juanna: It has been the only weight loss system that has worked for me! Now that I'm slender, I feel great and would recommend it highly!

Winnie: This program has changed my life. I'm finally back to a normal size and weight. This is a most amazing experience.

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