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Clear Vials:  Amber Vials:  Bacteriostatic Water:  Bac. Sodium Chloride:  Sodium Chloride(oral use):  IM Syringes 27gX1.25inX3cc:  SQ Syringes 28gX0.5inX1cc:  Mixing Syringes w/Needles:  Mixing Needles-NO Syringes:  Syringe Filters:  Amp Breakers:  Test Strips:  Alc. Pads:  Sublingual B12: 
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Many individuals choose to purchase their HCG supplies via convenient HCG Mixing Kits for the lowest prices per item. But if you don't need everything that a single HCG Mixing Kit provides, or you find that you need a few extra items for your HCG Diet Protocol, then you will definitely be interested in our HCG Supplies Individual Items. Individually sold items include HCG needles, HCG syringes, HCG vials, HCG mixing solvents, Bacteriostatic Water, Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride, alcohol prep pads and much more.

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