AMBER Sterile Capped Glass Vials for Mixing and Storage

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 AMBER Glass Sterile Capped Vials (3--10ml) OR (2--30 ml)
Sterile Capped Vials
(3--10ml) OR
(2--30 ml)
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These sterile capped HCG AMBER vials are GREAT for storing the reconstitution (or mixture) of human chorionic gonadotropin HCG and human growth hormone HGH mixed with Bacteriostatic water. Sterile capped vials are also useful for storing mixtures of peptides, growth factors, and many other compounds originally stored and shipped in powdered form.

Sterile Capped Amber HCG Mixing Vials are the perfect solution for those individuals who are looking to mix and store their HCG mixture securely and in a method that does not expose it to sunlight. Amber has been used for hundreds of years to protect liquids and medications that are sensitive to sunlight. Our amber vials are sold in packs of two and three, and come with optional syringe filters, plastic amp breakers and potency test strips.

HCG Supplies - HCG AMBER Mixing Vials for Dr Simeons HCG Diet Protocol -- Recently made popular again by Kevin Trudeau, author of "The Weight Loss Cure"

HCG Supplies included:
  • 3--10ml AMBER Vials OR 2--30ml AMBER Vials
    • The Two 30ml vials are sufficient for 43+ days using 5000 (or 10000) iu ampoules.
    • The Three 10ml vials are sufficient for 23+ days using 1500 (or 2000 or 2500) iu ampoules.
  • Actual brands of items may be different from photo.
  • HCG NOT included

The caps on the HCG vials are permanently sealed by crimping. They cannot be removed. These are EMPTY HCG vials for storage of your HCG mixture.

Amber borosilicate glass serum vials (USP / ASTM Type I, Class A). Sealed with gray butyl stopper and open center aluminum seal. Vials contain no liquid. All of our vials are certified depyrogenated and sterile. These sterile vials are Type 1 borosilicate assembled with butyl stoppers and aluminum seals. Neck size is 20mm. Sterilization is performed in an FDA inspected facility, operating to cGMP compliance. All sterilization processes are carried out under strict Class 100 U.S. Pharmacopoeia and Federal Code of Regulations methodologies. Assembled units are sterile and free of all endotoxins and meet the FDA's mandated 14-day sterility testing protocol.
1. Vials are washed with deionized water to removed any particulate matter, rinsed with Water for Injection at 70 degrees Celsius and blasted with cleaned compressed air to remove residual moisture.
2. Vials are placed in stainless steel pans and sterilized in dry heat for 5 hours at 200 degrees Celsius. This accomplishes the sterilization and depyrogenation process.
3. Closures (stoppers) are steam sterilized at 121 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, then dried for 2 to 8 hours at 105 degrees Celsius.
4. Vials and closures are then mechanically assembled in a Class 100 vial and diluent production room.
5. Each lot is held in quarantine for 14 days at which time samples are tested by an independent laboratory for sterility and endotoxins. Once passed, the lot is released for sale.

These items can be purchased separately.

HCG NOT Included
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AMBER Glass Sterile Capped Vials (3--10ml) OR (2--30 ml)