Sodium Chloride | Sterile Saline | for HCG Sublingual Kits
Sodium Chloride for ORAL USE
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Recommended for use in sublingual/oral mixtures.
Sodium Chloride is a well known solvent. Sodium Chloride, also known as Sterile Saline is sold in a 20 ml vial.

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Sodium Chloride is used when dissolving the HCG and to dilute the final HCG mixture to the desired potency.
Best choice for oral/sublingual mixtures.
NOT for injections because it does not have bacteriostatic properties for multi-dose mixtures used over time.

Sodium Chloride can be used for injection ONLY when a SINGLE DOSE injection mixture is needed

HCGSupplies offers other types of HCG Mixing Solvents like Bacteriostatic Water.

You will receive ONE 20 ml vial of Sodium Chloride.
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Sodium Chloride for ORAL USE