Understanding How to Properly Administer HCG Injections

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Understanding How to Properly Administer HCG Injections 

What was once a little-known hormone involved in early pregnancy, HCG is now the center of a booming dieting trend. Those who choose to ditch their extra pounds with the HCG diet do so by restricting calories and performing routine injections of HCG to stave off fatigue. 

What are HCG Shots Used For? 

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a natural hormone that the body makes during pregnancy. In a purely biological sense, HCG supports an egg's normal development in the ovary and stimulates egg release during ovulation. 

However, in recent years HCG has also been explored for its role in sustained weight loss. The HCG diet is now a widespread craze among dieters of all adult ages. Those who back the HCG diet, claim that supplementing a low-calorie food intake with HCG eliminates the usual pitfalls of extreme dieting like hunger and weakness. Keep reading for everything you need to know about HCG for weight loss.

HCG for Weight Loss

HCG is used by both adult-aged men and women to reduce cravings. While HCG is approved by the FDA to treat infertility in women and hypogonadism in men, the hormone is not regulated by the FDA for diet purposes. 

At HCGSupplies, we neither sell HCG nor are qualified to give medical advice. However, if you're curious about HCG injections, we can provide some information. 

While there is no substantial scientific evidence that HGC supports weight loss, the anecdotal evidence of HCG is abundant. Those who have found dieting success with HCG claim that it boosted their metabolism and helped them get rid of stubborn fat. The best part? They did it all without experiencing the pain of extreme hunger, or "famine mode."  

How Can I Mix and Administer HCG Safely? 

To give yourself at-home HCG injections, you will need bacteriostatic water to dilute the hormone. Bacteriostatic water is sterile and contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol to dissolve medication and prevent contamination. 

The easiest way to inject HCG is to use a 1ml insulin syringe for your HCG and bacteriostatic water blend. Make sure all your equipment is adequately sanitized. The best HCG dosage for you is determined by Dr. Simeons' Protocol. 

Most people's HCG protocol is once a day at 125-200 IU's. 

*Please remember that we are not doctors and do not sell HCG or other medications. If you are interested in using HCG, always consult a medical professional first. 

The Bottom Line 

If nothing else has worked, the HCG diet may be an efficient way to lose those last few pounds. When considering using HCG shots for weight loss, do your research and always purchase pharmaceutical grade HCG and HCG supplies from a trusted retailer. A successful HCG diet pairs HCG injections with a 500 calorie a day diet known as a very low calorie diet (VLCD). 

You can learn more about diet protocol and explore different recipes on this page

If you want to start the HCG protocol, then you better learn all about HCG shots. An HCG shot is a special shot of an HCG mixture that you will give yourself every day. This addition of HCG to your body will keep your brain from resorting to "famine" mode, while you reduce the amount of calories you consume. The result is safe and healthy weight loss!

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