Learn More About HCG Injections for Weight Loss in America
HCG Injection
HCG Injection
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Learn More About HCG Injections for Weight Loss in America

Are you one of the 71 million Americans who gained weight during the pandemic and are now looking for a weight loss solution? Try Dr. Simeons' diet protocol that involves HCG injections

What Are HCG Injections?

HCG shots involve injecting HCG — also known as the pregnancy hormone — into your body. Yes, the same HCG hormone produced during pregnancy is used in Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol to help you lose weight. This HCG weight loss program combines daily HCG injections and Bacteriostatic water along with a low-calorie diet of only 500 calories per day. This allows your body to feed off its fat reserves, which will cause significant weight loss. The HCG aids in preventing your brain from switching to “famine” mode during your HCG injections for weight loss. What sets this diet program apart from the rest, is that not only does it really work, but it works quickly.  

What You Will Need to Follow An HCG Injection Diet Plan

HCG Supplies can help get you started on this HCG weight loss program to reduce your weight and perfect your body rapidly so you can live your life with confidence. Some HCG supplies that you will need are HCG (we DO NOT supply), Bacteriostatic water, HCG syringes, HCG needles, HCG Mixing Vials, HCG Mixing Syringes, Alcohol Prep Pads, etc.

Our HCG Kits Contain The Supplies You Need

If you plan to follow an HCG diet, congratulations! You made the right choice. Your weight can be reduced. But first, you will need to order some HCG injection kits or HCG mixing kits, so you will have the supplies needed to begin. Everything you need to get started on your HCG injections, except the actual HCG, is included in our HCG kits.

Our HCG injection kits provide you with all the essential items required to mix the ingredients together for your HCG diet regime, such as Bacteriostatic water, injection syringes, a large HCG Mixing syringe with an HCG Mixing needle for mixing, a sterile capped HCG Injection vial, and alcohol wipes. We even customize your HCG injection kit so you will be able to choose the syringe size and needle length to ensure our HCG kits meet your needs. You can also choose between Clear or Amber HCG Mixing Vials.

Who We Are

HCG Supplies is a well-trusted, reputable source for HCG products. When you shop with us, you know you are getting high-quality BAC water and safe sterilized equipment. Get started on reaching your weight loss goals now. Order your HCG mixing kit from a trustworthy team.

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High-Quality HCG Mixing Kit Tools, and More

Our team cares deeply about your safety and your weight loss success. That’s why we provide you with HCG injection kits that contain quality HCG mixing vials, HCG syringes, Bacteriostatic Water, and more.

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Our Guarantee

At HCG Supplies, we are committed to providing you with the right high-quality products every time you place an order. That’s why we guarantee to work hard and quickly on fixing anything that may go wrong with your order. We care about our customers.

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You get the HCG from your own trusted source, and we will supply the rest so you can be on your way to a thinner and healthier you.

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